Friday, September 19, 2014

My Favorite Power Tools

As a longtime woodworker and builder I have used my share of tools. From a chainsaw to a jackhammer, I have used a ton of different tools that have helped me get the job done. Since I have used so many tools in my day I know which tools are worth using and which ones are worth passing on.
Let me tell you something, it is very important to have a high quality tool so that the job gets done quickly and properly. You don’t want to do a half-ass job, you want to do the best work possible and that is only possible with good tools.
The most important tool that I have ever used is the band saw, this is my go to saw whenever I need to cut something quickly and efficiently. It will get the cut done just the way I want and it will never let me down. If you want to read some band saw reviews then you can follow the link for more info.
Another really important tool I have used is another saw, this saw is the table saw. This was a tool that was vital for a lot of my jobs. Having a high quality table saw is a good tool to have as a woodworker. Without one you will struggle to make some cuts.
My favorite Table Saw
The last saw that I have used a million times and one that I can’t go a day without is a miter saw, specifically a sliding compound miter saw. I use this bad boy all the time and I love it. It is so easy to make all kinds of cuts and it will always make the highest quality cuts. I was always able to rely on it to make all of the cuts that I need for ever job.
This list will continue to updated but so far this is my list for my favorite electric saws. I will add more at a later date but so far these are my top power saws that I use everyday.
For more information about all of these saws and a ton more head on over to Wildfire Productions: Power Saw Reviews where they review all of the saws on the market and help you decide on your next electric saw.
Some of the major buyer guides that they do are the band saw buyers guide and the miter saw buyers guide. I have used these guides over and over again every time I want to buy a new saw, so if that is you then go check them out!